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Business owner advisory team

​BOAT is a Business Advisor relationship development and networking group featuring a “best of class” agenda for members. Members are screened and referred by other members based on their professional experience and benefit to the BOAT group. Our primary purpose is not just networking but Professional Relationship-Building.

BOAT meetings give you the opportunity to meet and develop key relationships. “Our success is measured by the people we surround ourselves with”• BOAT membership is limited up to 40 members annually to insure “boutique “quality.

Annual membership is $660 (payment plan available) and includes meals at luncheons
BOAT lunch meetings held (2) times each month except September (1), December (1) and January (1) BOAT is dark in July and August. 1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday of each month. BOAT members also meet each month in (1) one to (1) one “Dinghy” meetings to encourage building strategic relationships.

Online Membership directory at www.davidelliottandassociates.com• Social gatherings such as mixers with other groups and golf outings, etc. upon occasion

Meeting format includes: Introductions, case studies, special topic presentations by members and guest speakers, success stories, needs and 1 to 1 “Dinghy” assignments.

Optional personal monthly coaching sessions available ( 3 month minimum)
View our current BOAT member directory here

​“Be a Connector and Resource not a Vendor”