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    "Increasing Spheres of Influence"

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connecting advisors for profit

David Elliott & Associates, Inc. offers a customized business development strategy designed to “increase Spheres of Influence” by introducing clients to other business leaders establishing a potential new relationship that could lead to further business opportunities. This strategy utilizes the years of relationships established and new connections and relationships being made. Creating business connections and opportunities continues to be a mantra for the work of David Elliott & Associates, Inc.

This strategy qualifies who the client should connect with in a specific business, company or organization that could increase their “sphere of influence” directly or indirectly. The connections are based on key relationships not cold calls.

​The introductions are in person through appointments, special events, luncheons, breakfasts etc. After introductions are made it is up to the client to engage and follow up with building the new relationship opportunity. Engagement with David Elliott & Associates, Inc with this strategy is a customized monthly commitment success (3 month minimum commitment).