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Creative Sales Outsourcing (CSO)
Creative Sales Outsourcing is another avenue to assist you with increasing your company's spheres of influence by developing customized relationship building programs for a variety of businesses and non-profits to increase their sales and donor introductions by providing network marketing and sales management coaching to sales / marketing reps. 

Your Sales Manager  
Your time is valuable, Sales Management Outsourcing (SMO) brings in-house, management services for your sales rep(s) or sales team.

SMO provides many levels of customization for your company sales / marketing reps and your sales team which includes and not limited to the following: personalized territory development plans for individual(s) sales reps and sales team, one on one planning session with your sales / marketing reps, personalized territory development plans for individual(s) and sales team, training, sales structure to the sales team and sales reporting.

Outsourcing your sales manager helps increase productivity, efficiency, staff training and devolvement, with lower overhead for overall production.
Timeframe: 120 day minimum / permanent outsourcing

Marketing & Sales  (M&S)
We are your dedicated marketing rep, we will assist you in creating a sales marketing territory if you don't already have one or...just keeping your name active in the business community you've already created.

M&S is your company's placeholder in business development until you bring a sales / marketing rep aboard.  Once you have a sales rep we will assist you with personal territory training for a seamless handoff.
Timeframe: 90 day minimum  

Client Connect:  (CC)
You invested your time and your money to develop this relationship, let's keep it going and growing.  CC, is a customized program designed especially for your past and present clients.

Referral Specific: (RS)
Creates relationship marketing plan to assist in thinking outside the box to bring awareness to your business in the area you're wanting to penetrate.

Additional Services: (AS)

Additional services are specifically designed per project alacart style to stretch your business's performance in an varied marketing niches'.
Local trade show presence
Develop continuing education (CE) programs
Contact Relationship Management system (CRM)
Mystery shopper program
and... more

Timeframe: Project driven