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Personal and Professional Growth Coaching
One-on-One Encouragement, Accountability and Focus Coaching

Coaching is defined to train or tutor, giving instruction or better yet moving from point A to B.
​Years of life experiences have taught us that you cannot move through your personal and professional life on your own. Just as golfers refine their golf swing or a basketball team needs a coach to motivate and strategize a game plan, we can use motivation, accountability andf resh ideas in our lives as well.

BHAGS and personal and professional goals: set and achieve your BHAGS, goals with focus on accountability and encouragement

​​BEYOND WORDS: Creating your Personal Purpose/Mission statement
The Growth Coaching program starts with personal mission. Who are you and what makes you who you are? What are you good at? Do you need focus and direction? 

PLANNING AHEAD: Creating your Succession and Exit plans . Are you in the second half of life looking for more margin and significance? Where do you want to go?

​We tackle these various issues providing:
• Fresh ideas
• Encouragement
• Common sense
• Accountability
• Objective approach
• Resources
​• Leadership

This service requires time commitment of (2) hours monthly with face to face time and/or email and phone time. Three (3) month minimum commitment.