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online advisor referral service

Connecting preferred professional services and products

In this day and age we need competent resources to handle daily issues and needs. The Quest Online Referral Service (OARS) assists you with vetted professional services and products you may need for you and/or your clients and customers.

• Annual membership fee ($49) Renewed each year but can be cancelled upon notice. Members establish an account with Online Advisor Referral Service (OARS) that will be charged based upon useage.
• Unlimited number of Online requests for service or product (referral) each month
• Pay $39 per referral request and receive up to (3) three referrals. No charge if no referrals 
​• Referral source (Provider), if engaged by the request, will pay a success fee based on their industry standard either a percentage or set fee. This is negotiated by Quest Online Referral Service and the end provider.


1) Request for referral: I am in the market for a new car. Can you refer me to a dealership that I can trust and be taken care of that you know? Yes here are (2) dealerships that I would recommend you talking with.
2) Request for referral: I am in the market for a new banking relationship can you recommend a banker and bank?Yes here are (3) bankers I would recommend you contact
​3) Request for referral: I need a mortgage lender for a possible purchase can you refer me to someone?Yes here is someone I would suggest you talk with.

This is a basic referral program not customized with specific in person introductions. This is through email referrals. This is not intended as a business development tool per say as that would fall into the DEA Business Development Consulting/Coaching program.