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    "Increasing Spheres of Influence"

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Sustaining & obtaining advisor relationships

​SOAR is a “one on one” approach for individuals and/or small groups designed to increase business opportunities through advising, connecting and facilitating. Focus Coaching on obtaining and sustaining key relationships. Integrating the seven (7) C’s approach as foundational with practice development.

• How to obtain relationships for life and business
• Learn to “fish” naturally, show me how and where• Increase “spheres of influence”
• Where to be involved strategically and make connections
• The 250 rule and the ABC’s
• Flipside of the business card
• Build depth in relationships around common groups and interests
• Be a resource not a vendor, a trusted advisor and advocate
• Philanthropy and giving back to your community
• Be a person of character and integrity

​:1) Make recommendations as to where to be involved in the business community
 2) Suggested events to participate in for branding and making connections
.3) Marketing strategies and investments including sponsorships, advertising, 
4) Review business development plan/strategies
5) Facilitate monthly review and progress
6) Strategic community organizations involvement.

Minimum of Two (1) hour sessions each month one on one or small group. On call availability through email and phone. Custom designed monthly commitment (minimum of 3 months)