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    "Increasing Spheres of Influence"

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speaking engagements

“7 Steps to Building a Meaningful Relationship Network”              
An interactive workshop or seminar (45-90 minutes customized)              

Deliverables include:                             
What is a relationship network?                            
Why is it important?                            
What is the right frame of mind?                             
What are the 7 key elements that make up the relationship pyramid? 

“ 5 Keys to increase Spheres of Influence and Referrals from your Network”               This is the follow up workshop or seminar (60-90 minutes customized)

Deliverables include:                           
Personal Branding: Know who you are                            
The 30 second connection                             
The One sheet design                             
Protocol for meetings and key questions                             
​Your “Spheres of Influence”

“From Success to Significance –Mapping Out Your Second Half Journey”              
Based on principles from the Halftime organization and Author/Founder Bob Buford               (25-60 minute interactive presentation)                             
Deliverables Include:
What does it mean to live a life of Significance?                             
What opportunities are there to serve others and make a difference?                           
Am I alone is this journey?                           
What are the 3 C’s I need to consider on this Journey

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